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Sailing Splendor: The Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Yacht Race

Every year, sailors and sailing enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the thrilling adventure of the Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Yacht Race. This iconic event, hosted by the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, promises not only a challenging test of seamanship but also an unforgettable journey through some of Australia's most stunning coastal landscapes.

Spanning approximately 226 nautical miles along the NSW coastline, the Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Yacht Race is renowned for its blend of competitive racing and breathtaking scenery. The race begins in Pittwater, a picturesque estuary situated just north of Sydney, and concludes in Coffs Harbour, a vibrant coastal town nestled between the Great Dividing Range and the Pacific Ocean.

One of the most captivating aspects of this race is its diverse course, which offers sailors a wide range of conditions to navigate. From the tranquil waters of Pittwater to the unpredictable swells of the Tasman Sea, participants must adapt their sailing strategies to the ever-changing elements. Whether they're tacking against headwinds or riding downwind under a spinnaker, each leg of the journey presents its own set of challenges and rewards.

The Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Yacht Race also holds a special place in the hearts of many sailors due to its strong sense of camaraderie and community spirit. Participants come from all walks of life, ranging from seasoned ocean racers to enthusiastic amateurs, united by their shared passion for sailing. Throughout the race, sailors forge lasting friendships and bonds as they work together to overcome obstacles and reach the finish line.

In addition to its competitive elements, the Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Yacht Race offers participants a chance to connect with nature in a profound and meaningful way. Along the route, sailors are treated to breathtaking vistas of pristine beaches, rugged headlands, and lush rainforests, providing a welcome respite from the intensity of the competition. As they sail under the stars and bask in the beauty of the NSW coastline, participants gain a deep appreciation for the natural world and the wonders of the sea.

For many sailors, completing the Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Yacht Race is a testament to their skill, determination, and perseverance. Whether they're racing for glory or simply seeking the thrill of the open ocean, crossing the finish line represents a triumph of the human spirit and a celebration of the adventurous soul.

Beyond the thrill of the race itself, the Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Yacht Race also serves as a platform for promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability. Organisers and participants alike are committed to minimising their impact on the marine environment and raising awareness of conservation issues. By embracing eco-friendly practices and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, the sailing community demonstrates its dedication to preserving the natural beauty of Australia's coastal waters for generations to come.

The Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Yacht Race is more than just a sailing competition—it's an unforgettable journey filled with excitement, camaraderie, and breathtaking scenery. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a newcomer to the sport, this iconic event offers an unparalleled opportunity to test your skills, connect with nature, and experience the magic of ocean racing firsthand. So hoist your sails, chart your course, and embark on an adventure of a lifetime as you set sail from Pittwater to Coffs Harbour.


Schedule of Events:

Entry Closes 8 March 2024/5PM

Rating deadline 15 March 2024/5PM

Race Start 22 March 2024/1PM Pittwater, Broken Bay

Presentations 24 March 2024/2PM Coffs Harbour Yacht Club.

For more information on participating contact


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